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Margarita González


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About Di Que Sí

„Di que si" means „say yes!". Say yes to life, because life has chosen YOU. I mean it literally.  When you were still a fertilized egg, life chose to be in you and made you grow, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now, so stop resisting, you’re full of life! No matter how hard your life may have been until now, no matter if right now you feel like a winner, or if you’re full of doubts at the moment. “Dí que sí!",  live and feel!



Di que sí - Say yes

„Di que si“ means „say yes!“. Say Yes to life, to kindness, to positivity. Live and feel!

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Make a video of you and your friends singing, dancing, and playing the chorus of  “Di que sí“. Show yourself using a sign that says “Di Que sí!“.   Have fun and unleash your creativity.

Di Que Sí

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Margarita Gonzalez

¡Viva la vida!


Born in Madrid, daughter of a Spanish father & a German mother, I grew up in both Spain and Germany. Today I live in the tranquil, lovable, and beautiful city of Würzburg, in the south of Germany. 


The foundation of my musical journey was laid out early on starting with my father’s music collection, which included traditional Latin-American Music, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and - The Beatles.
As a teenager in Madrid, I was further influenced by Pop music and to this day I still like good Pop music!


I love melodic music and good rhythms. It’s my dream to bring the beauty of traditional Latin-American and Spanish music to the present through my own contemporary musical language.

Photo: Ingo Peters Photography



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